Saturday, March 22, 2008


I just got a tattoo this weekend. It's a flower on my chest and it hurt WAY more than the one on my back. It's healing nicely and overall, I'm very happy with it. I love tattoos. And hopefully that won't change anytime soon considering my this one is in a very visible spot.

Lately I've been seeing and hearing a lot about basement tattoos, typically on 15-17-year-olds who can't wait a few years to get one done professionally. I'm starting to think they all get done by the same person because they all look exactly the same. The most common one I've seen is the hands of Jesus held together in the formation of a prayer. I've seen a girl with this one her chest which kind of makes it look like Jesus is feeling her up. I don't think she thought of that before she decided to get it done.
I really think people should wait until they've matured a bit before they decide to get permanent ink applied to their bodies. I saw a kid who looked no older than my younger brother with a tattoo on his hand that says "#1 PIMP FO LIFE". I can't imagine this kid ever getting hired for a job other than as a pimp maybe. And I saw a girl with the words "Get Money" underneath a bunch of rolls of dollar bills. And both were riding the bus, so they obviously aren't very successful pimps or money-getters.
And illegal tattoos is the reason why they were outlawed in the first place. They were spreading diseases using unsterilized needles. Getting tattooed is nerve-wracking enough in a steralized environment. I can't imagine going through it in some random mother-fucker's basement. But I can't judge. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.