Saturday, February 21, 2009

i'm boring

sooo. what's newsies?
ummm i got a job for the first part of the summer. semi-exciting. hopefully I can find something to entertain myself for the latter half. we shall see how it all turns out in due time.
school is school. i got one of the high scores on my chem exam which surprised the hell out of me and gave me a huge academic confidence boost, considering i barely studied and spent most of the weekend before it smoking weed and watching lost. but i have to crack down this weekend for my poli sci exam which i feel super unprepared for. i've been reading about federalism all night which isn't exactly the ideal way to spend a saturday evening. but ohwellsies. gotsta do what i gotsta do.

my god, i've been eating like a fucking fat person. full ass meals like errnight and leftovers for breakfast. i need to get my ass on a treadmill since i don't see myself changing my eating habits anytime soon. can't wait til spring. ooooooooo