Saturday, April 4, 2009

i suck at updating. i guess i've been a bit busy??? last week was hectic as hell. started out with my INTERVIEW for WFP. i'm hoping i get this fellowship, but i'm definitely not getting my hopes up. and of course exams and what nots. i'm FINALLY relaxing and it feels awesome. i don't have anything important to do for at least another week. ahhhhhh...well spring is about to start but it sure as fuck doesn't seem that way. oh and I'm going to see INCUBUS!!!!!!!!! the day after my birthday. i'm hecka excited!!! they're my favorite fucking band. ever! it's in chicago, so it's gonna require a bit of road-tripping but it's all good. i promised myself last time i missed them that i would never miss the opportunity to see them again. it shall be fun. i'm kinda lookin forward to the summer. not really the working part, but gotta stack that cheese. and plus my grandpa's matching every dollar i make so that's doubly awesome! well i guess i'll update more when i feel like it.