Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chris died for our sins

I finally did it! I got my tat! It was way more painful than my other ones and it took way longer, but it was so worth it. My artist was so cool and very obsessed with details and meticulousness. And that worked out perfectly because it is a pretty detailed symbol. I'm very happy with it but my mother is not, and I'm almost positive my grandparents won't be when the find out.
The first full week of school is over. I have a good feeling it will be among the more boring semesters. Spanish is alright, but I feel like I shouldn't be taking it because it's not going to help me graduate. English is boring as hell already. I really hate Puritan literature. But yeah, being taught by Kermit the frog takes away the dull sometimes. Chemistry is okay but I know it's gonna get hard. Luckily I have a great professor and a very helpful TA. The only class I really like is Poli. Sci. My professor is awesome and he makes even the power lecture very interesting. But my discussion section is LOADED with squares. Blech. So, hopefully this semester goes well because I really really need to get into the school of Education. Otherwise I'm stuck with a stupid ass useless degree. I'm just concerned about getting those letters of recommendation.
I miss my fam yo! It's weak being so close to them but rarely being able to see them.
I got back in touch with Chris which is awesome because I missed him a lot. He was always such a good friend to me and it sucks that we grew apart.
HEROES IS COMING BACK! OMG I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED! That's what I have to look forward to nowadays.
Hopefully I can get a job this summer otherwise I will be bored because I doubt I'll be able to get money for summer school. These concerns bring more stress than I care to handle right now. And also moving out is gonna be a bitch. Because the lease ends on the 14th and we can't move in until the 16th so that's 2 days of homelessness plus I don't know who's gonna help us move our shit! such dilemmas, although far away, trouble me.
Well, I must be off to write a paper. ahh back to this again.

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