Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cash Cab is my show. I really need to get my ass on a game show. I could make so much dough just doing what I do every night in my living room. ahhhhhhh

So today was the last day of poli sci. which was bitter sweet because i'm getting sick of school, but i really really liked prof. Goldstein. I loved loved loved his lectures even though they were power lectures. He got me really interested in politics. I'm on more often than facebook nowadays. But it's good to have one thing outta the way so I can concentrate on other shit. Just a week more til donezo. I'm not really lookin forward to working, but I am looking forward to stackin that cheese. So about a month and a half from now is when my summer actually starts. i got a gig volunteering at Bay View again which I'm looking forward to. It's just dissappointing that I'm gonna be missing so many on account of summerfest and incubus in chicago.
so things i'm looking forward to this summer:
cute dresses
spending the summer in madison
NOT going to school
catching up on some reading
badass summer movies
Bay View

things i'm NOT looking forward to:

guess i should get to studying...

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