Saturday, August 8, 2009

saturday night blogging

i decided today that even if i hate my next place, i'm not moving again. this shit is such a buzzkill. anyway, day 5 of my cleanse and i'm feeling really good. i don't know how long i can last. honestly, i'm surprised i've gone this far with only minimal jonesing.
i've been missing milwaukee lately. but madison is so cool in the summer. the majority of the douchebags are gone, so it's semi-quiet and there's just so much beauty that i've discovered on my bike. i'm gonna miss these summer evenings...
but i'm excited for school to start. i got into this Toni Morrison class that i've been stalking the timetable all summer for. i counted over 20 novels that i'll be reading this summer on top of all the poems and short stories and writing fellow papers that i'll be editing. my eyeballs will most certainly melt out of their sockets.
it's too hot to live.

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kknelson2 said...

I fucking hate moving with a passion!