Friday, December 19, 2008


but i still feel like i have to go to school tomorrow. weird...well, i'm going back to the mil tomorrow. hopefully the bus doesn't crash due to the crazy ass storm.

my Buddhism teacher just sent me an e-mail saying he didn't record my grades for my 2 papers and he wants me to send him what grades i got. he must really trust people to tell the truth cuz i coulda easily said A++ nigga! but i got an AB on both of them so i didn't need to lie. but still. he's slow.

okay so the last episode of Moral Orel is making it seem like his dad is gay...and yeah. he's gay. wow.

so i've started watching star trek beginning with the very first season from 1966. it's pretty entertaining actually. and i'm gonna watch every season through to see how the story (and television) has evolved.

plans for winter break:
-READ (finish the Waste Lands)
-smoke weed
-watch Star Trek
-watch Heroes
-learn to knit
-go sledding
-make tacos
-make 1000 origami cranes
-get a tattoo

me and rey nap too much. i think the cold is making us tired.

yeah i haven't blogged in a lifetime, but i've been studying for the past 2 weeks straight for reals. but now that i don't have to do that, i hope i have more time for you oh dear blog.

my pineapple is so aromatic and i haven't even cut it yet!
i am quite excited to eat it.
and i'm making steak for lunch tomorrow.

ok it's 3 am. i have nothing else to say.

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