Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm pretty sure i'll be getting another tattoo sometimes soon. i don't know yet if i want to wait til i go back to milwaukee for thanksgiving or get one here, but it's definitely for sure happening.
i'm watching the TRL finale which is weird and makes me feel old. i used to watch it religiously back in middle school and now it's ending. which is a good thing cuz it sucks major balls nowadays.
i'm getting a sewing machine and i'm gonna start making dresses because i can and because i want to. and i'm serious this time. i'm also gonna reconnect with my artistic side. i'm letting academia take over my life and that is a not good thing.
also looking for apartments still. rey and i really want a place where we can have a doggy, but we'll settle for a cat. and the rent here is rediculously high and it's not even that great of an apartment. what's the point of living on state street if you can't even see state street at least from the window?
i love tuesdays with no class.
i'm hungry and cold
i have homework to finish
i want mcdonalds.
i need to save money for a tat.
i think i'm tired.
i'm going to turn on the heat. and possibly blog again later today.

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