Monday, July 20, 2009

I made my own cake

Today is my 20th birthday. Bittersweet
I'm listening to Room for Squares. nostalgia much? i also have my jesus candle lit. i feel asleep watching the L Word and woke up in the strangest a genuine apathy is almost what i felt...toward everything. the feeling has dissipated somewhat since.
usually around this time of year i start thinking about school, which means summer is almost over. i hate being reminded of it. i have way too many summer dresses that i haven't even worn yet. what the fuck did i do this summer? i haven't even been able to finish a single book. i've started about 20 of them, and can't control my A.D.D. long enough to be able to finish.
i really think i could have made the most of these last few weeks if i didn't have to worry about moving. moving is the fucking devil's cunt and i am not looking forward to it.
and yada yada yada
and i'm quitting weed for a while i guess.


kknelson2 said...

I seriously haven't finished a book either. It's starting to make me angry.
This summer has been amazing/retarded.

le7 said...

AHHH JASMINE! I'm following your blog!

(Too bad I blog for money now on other sites, makes it much harder to write for mine).