Saturday, November 15, 2008

wow i suck at blogging.
i'm gonna start doing it more often i guess. why not? no one reads it anyway.
...well i'm at the apartment watching the office. rey is at work. its kinda weird how we live together, yet i still miss him every time he's gone for a long time.
i'm doing quite well academically. which shouldn't come as a surprise considering i spend about 90% of my time studying. i'm feeling really nastolgic...i miss summer and the copious amounts of blunt smoking and concerts and warm weather and chilling...i'm jealous of myself 6 months ago. i was looking at pictures from summer and i was way skinnier too. oh well...summer will come again...not soon enough.
i feel old. i hate getting old. nothing good can come of it.
i can't wait until x-mas. i'm most excited about watching Pee-Wee's Christmas special. i'm hoping it will bring back pleasant childhood memories.
i just spoke with my grandpa and he shares my concern for Obama's safety. There are waaaayy to many rednecks in this country.
well i do believe it's time for me to eat cookies. and pay attention to the office.
future blogs coming soon...

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