Monday, November 17, 2008


ahhhh monday.
rey is the most hilarious person to watch while he's singing. especially when he has headphones on cuz he has no idea how retarded he sounds. it never ceases to entertain me.
well today in Buddhism class, we were to have a panel of Buddhist come to give the lecture. I'm sure I wasn't the only one expecting to see a couple of monks or at least asian or indians. so yeah, i was a little disappointed when i decided against skipping class to see a bunch of old white people talk about how they came to be buddhists. it was possibly more boring than the regular power lecture which trust me, is very hard to top on the boringness scale. some people just have this uncanny ability to make things that are normally interesting seem like the most uninteresting things in the world.
so i just read Persepolis and it was so beautiful and the movie was equally moving. i loved it. and i recommend it to anyone who is reading this, which is most likely no one. but whatevs.
i flew through an essay today, which i'm very happy about. very happy. this semester went pretty well. i'm worried about the semesters to follow...
Thanksgiving soon! i'm excited. i miss the fam. but my mom's leaving the day after i arrive to go to atlanta. but it will still be cool to chill with the sibs.
now rey is rocking out hardcore to seven seas or rye. it is the most intense thing i've experienced all day.
apartment hunting is really a drag. i'm hoping to get a place where i can have a doggy. or at least a kitty. it would make a wonderful addition to our home :)
so we're talking about conception in human sexuality and women's health. and now i'm really paranoid about being infertile. seriously that would suck. but i heard that women who have painful periods generally are those who are ovulating. so i'm hoping the pain is a good sign.
i really really really really really really really really really need some bud. hopefully i can get a nice little care package when i go back to milwaukee cuz this dry spell shit is just not cutting it.
just like i promised to be more consistent in my blogging, i'm also gonna spend some time cultivating my meditation skills. i'm getting better at it the more i practice. and yeah, overall, i think it has made me a slightly happier person. although that might also be due to the change in circumstances. but whatever the reason, i'm grateful.

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